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Suhner Unveils New Hand Tools for Fast and Easy Metal Polishing and Grinding

February 2019

Suhner Australia, a leader in metal finishing solutions, has released its next-generation electric hand tools                                       for metal finishing. The new C-Series includes a range of grinding and polishing tools that lets users quickly                           achieve the required finish on stainless steel, aluminium, brass and other alloys.

Designed and built in Switzerland and Germany, the C-Series are quality tools created for working on a wide                               variety of applications:- rails, balustrades, vehicle components, medical products, aircraft parts, and other                 manufacturing applications.

The range includes the UTC 9R Tube Polisher, UBC 9R Finger File Belt Grinder, USC 9R and 25R Die Grinders                             and the UKC 3R Fillet Weld Grinder.

Designed with the user in mind, the C-Series is ergonomic, compact and lightweight. The unique low-profile design                       of the tools ensures that users can even access difficult to reach fillet welds for grinding and polishing. The range                 provides practical portability, manoeuvrability and is easy to use.

Already tried and tested in Europe, the C-Series delivers excellent performance. They feature a powerful 600W                       electric motor and digitally controlled speed system that ensures a constant contact speed under load; which is                   essential for excellent polishing results, but at the same time, the speed of the tool is infinitely variable to suit the                   needs of the application.

Other key features of the C-Series polishing and grinding tools include an electronic soft-start for jolt free work, and a             host of safety functions. Each model has an integrated overload cut-out, and brush wear warning system as well as a               dead safety switch that ensures the tool switches off, and remains off until re-operated should power be disconnected.

Built to last, the range is robust and durable, and each tool complies fully with current Australian Standards. The tools               are digitally engraved to ensure ownership and warranty cover.

The C-Series range lets users achieve their desired grinding and polishing results quickly and easily. However, if users         require any training or have any technical questions, Suhner Australia can assist.